About Us

God has been the guiding inspiration since the beginning of this venture in November of 2016. After sending college care packages to my own kids (3 in college one year), I realized how much I truly enjoyed the shopping and packaging that I decided to do it on a bigger scale. The business name, Eight of Hearts, evolved from a family connection. Hart is my maiden name. Just like the family I grew up in, my husband and I (married 27 years now) have our own family with eight members. Using a deck of playing cards is a fun way to advertise.

My loving mother was a source of inspiration too. She always signed her name MOM (Hart) with the M’s resembling the shape of a heart. She retired from the United States Postal Service. I'll be counting on the USPS to deliver all these lovely packages now.

In our society of social media and instant messaging, it's our goal to help you bring joy to someone's day by giving them a uniquely designed and decorated gift box with your personal message enclosed. The love (symbolized by all those hearts) from the sender is tucked into each box.

Together as a family, we hope to be a part of bringing joy and love to others by creating unique Gifts Boxed with Love!